Lysergically Yours

Lysergically Yours


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Lysergically Yours by Frank Duff







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Lysergically Yours


(1 Review)

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o his short puzzling conversation with Lyle. Johnny had about fifty hits of quality blotter in his dorm room at this very moment. It was earmarked for personal use, but there was no reason he couldn't sell some of it to Lyle and see what developed from there. If he hadn't already burned his bridges. Johnny could certainly use the cash, at the very least. His bank account was running dangerously low and there were four days every week without free pizza.

Johnny was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice anyone was behind him until an arm reached over his shoulder and claimed a small handful of the unwanted pepperoni. He could feel small breasts against the back of his head. Before he could turn around, the girl had dropped herself into the equally worn armchair opposite him. "Nice shirt," she said with a mouthful of pepperoni.

"People seem to like it," Johnny replied.

"I'm Tinka. You should eat meat, it's good for you."

From the start it was easy to see that Tinka was something of a

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At the U. of Toronto, an IT student who knows too much for his own good meets a chem student who knows too much for his own good. They begin selling synthetic LSD. But then a new substance shows up, with very different properties. The people who run the world already have the substance and would like it kept private; they become very upset.
What starts out looking like a college caper story turned into a pretty good thriller. It kept me reading past my bedtime.
Jackiem Joyner - Retribution, Transformation, Spy Tech, Intense Martial Arts, and Weaponry
FEATURED AUTHOR - Contemporary saxophonist, author, and music producer Jackiem Joyner is set to release his 7th album, Touch, worldwide this fall, 2019. After more than 12 years as a recording artist, Jackiem continues to stand out with electrifying live performances and brilliant music productions. As a performer, he has toured over 30 countries and performed with the likes of the late George Duke, Marcus Miller, Keiko Matsui, Donnie McClurkin, Angela Bofill, Najee, Kirk Whalum, Peter White, and many, many more… Read more