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Mind + Body


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Mind + Body by Aaron Dunlap









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Mind + Body


(3 Reviews)
Chris leads an entirely normal life until his father, a researcher for the Marine Corps working in Quantico, mysteriously dies and leaves Chris with a suspiciously large life insurance payout. Then, when Chris gets in a fight at school and puts his attackers into the hospital, his principal tries to cover it up. Trying to discover the answers to the compounding mysteries in his life, Chris uses social engineering, high tech espionage, and physical intimidation he never thought he'd be capable of.

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my first class and sat down. From the second I walked in the door, hushed conversations were severed as 40 eyes dug into me and trailed me as I slumped into the first empty desk I saw. I darted my eyes around, everybody avoided eye contact. I lined my pencils up on my desktop while the room sat in a still, thick silence.

They had to have heard about my dad's death, but I hoped the word hadn't gotten about regarding my ill-gotten gains. It shouldn't have; I didn't tell anybody. Still, if everybody knows, I'd need to hire a bodyguard just to hold off the ironic requests for loans. I tried to imagine how much bodyguards cost; I remembered reading somewhere that a legitimate executive security firm charges about a thousand dollars per day. I could get a bodyguard for 500 days, and then I wouldn't need one anymore. Spending all your money to keep people from getting your money -- that should have been a Twilight Zone episode. Hell, it probably was. By the hundredth episode they had to have been rep

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A really enjoyable thriller - professionally written, easy and fun to read.

The hero being 17 years old makes it feel somewhat written for young adults, but this old(ish) adult really enjoyed the story.
Just finished reading this book a few minutes ago! I'd rated it high as it is fun to read but I found it difficult to get into it before 50 pages or so. After that it starts to get into you and the reading is fun until de then end.
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I could not put this novel down! Leaves you with a whopper of a cliffhanger so I'm praying for a sequel. One tiny note: I'm not sure if it was because I was reading it on mobipocket reader or if it's just the .prc file but I noticed throughout the story some sentences were missing some parts or some were missing some punctuations; I didn't know if it was supposed to be that way or if it was my version. Nevertheless, thank you for such a fine thriller!
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