The Man Who Staked the Stars

The Man Who Staked the Stars


(3 Reviews)
The Man Who Staked the Stars by Katherine MacLean







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The Man Who Staked the Stars


(3 Reviews)
Bryce Carter could afford a smug smile. For hadn't he risen gloriously from Thieves Row to director of famed U.T.? Was not Earth, Moon, and all the Belt, at this very moment awaiting his command for the grand coup? And wasn't his cousin-from-Montehedo a star-sent help?

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rman's announcement, and that had been unobserved by anyone. The psychologist they had hired might perhaps get a betraying flicker of expression from him in an interview, many well-trained observers of human reactions could read expressions that keenly, but the interviewing of all the Board by the psychologist was not likely. The Directors of the Board were even now climbing into trains and strato planes to scatter back to the far points of the earth. It would take many days for an investigating psychologist to follow to interview each one. He and Irving would be last on the list, for he went to Moonbase City, and Irving to Luna City.

He had weeks.

He smiled, fastening bands in his cuffs that folded them tightly on his wrists, zipping up his suitcoat and slipping on gloves. He looked at himself again. Where he had been wearing a conservative dark silk business suit with a short cape, he now seemed to be wearing a tailored ski-suit with an odd cowl, or a pressure suit without boots or helmet, whi


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This is a solid 4-star story that I would give 4.5 stars if it were possible. The only negative is that the author lapses into some long paragraphs of description at several points in the story that are a bit boring to wade through.

A corporate big-wig plans to take down his organization and profit from the results. The corporation is onto him, and hires a witch doctor to find him out. To say any more would spoil the story. Very interesting and well worth the time to read.
An absorbing story of a psychologist who claims to be a witch doctor talking to a passenger as they fly to the moon. He relates the story of corruption and treachery in an interplanetary corporation, told from the point of view of the criminal mastermind.

Good characters all around, and a plot that sucks you in all the way to the end.
(1952) Sci-fi (Industrial Crime/Detective)

From 'Planet Stories' July 1952.

R: ***

Plot bullets

He that owns space, own the worlds.
The large corporation that provides goods for the solar system, has a problem.
It appears that someone, high up, in the company is supporting criminal endeavors.
A special physic unit and man is hired to find and remedy the situation.