By-Ways of Bombay

By-Ways of Bombay


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By-Ways of Bombay by S. M. Edwardes





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By-Ways of Bombay


(1 Review)

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riend the Attar (perfumer) from the Deccan; while above your head the balconies are gradually filling with the mothers and children of the city, playing, working, talking and watching the human panorama unfold before their eyes.

[Illustration: A Koli woman.]

So the morning passes into mid-day, amid a hundred sounds symbolical of the various phases of life in the Western capital,--the shout of the driver, the twang of the cotton-cleaner, the warning call of the anxious mother, the rattle of the showman's drum, the yell of the devotee, the curse of the cartman, the clang of the coppersmith, the chaffering of buyer and seller and the wail of the mourner. And above all the roar of life broods the echo of the call to prayer in honour of Allah, the All-Powerful and All-Pitiful, the Giver of Life and Giver of Death.

* * * * *


[Illustration: The "Pan" Seller.]

As the sun sinks low in the west, a stream of worshippers flows through the mosque-gates--rich black-coated

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The printed editions have pictures, which this Kindle edition and other e-book versions do not have. It can easily be read in one evening.

This book takes you back to the city of Bombay (nowadays officially called 'Mumbai'), 100 years ago. The first 19 stories in this book were first published as a series of essays in the 'Times of India', the 20th story was added in the second edition, this story was first published in the 'Bombay Gazette'. These stories show you a lot about social life and customs of Bombay in the early 1900's; it tells about religious practices of the many different religions in town, the culture practices, and places that the author visited. In describing his observations the author gives a lot of background information. There are also a few stories about real people from Bombay and some myths in this book. It is wellwritten and interesting, I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in India or in history.

It was written by Stephen Meredith Edwardes, who had worked as a a Government official in Bombay. Edwardes died at the age of 54 on the 1st of January 1927.

Contents of this book:

I. The Spirit of Chandrabai
II. Bombay Scenes
III. Shadows of Night
IV. The Birthplace of Shivaji
V. The Story of Imtiazan
VI. The Bombay Mohurrum
VII. The Possession of Afiza
VIII. A Kasumba Den
IX. The Ganesh Caves
X. A Bhandari Mystery
XI. Scenes in Bombay
XII. Citizens of Bombay
XIII. The Sidis of Bombay
XIV. A Konkan Legend
XV. Nur Jan
XVI. Governor and Koli
XVII. The Tribe Errant
XVIII. The Pandu-Lena Caves
XIX. Fateh Muhammad
XX. The Tilak Riots