The Haunted Pajamas

The Haunted Pajamas


(3 Reviews)
The Haunted Pajamas by Francis Perry Elliott







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The Haunted Pajamas


(3 Reviews)
Something dashing and clever in the author's idea, its utter absurdity and the ridiculous situations to which it naturally yields itself give this story instant claim to consideration. Told in the first person by a delightfully vapid young club man, a "By Jove," "fact is," "dash it" sort of chap, it has the infectious ring of a jolly confidence.

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ss than to untie the string myself and see what the thing was. See?

"I believe, sir," said Jenkins, looking up, "the gentleman has sent you--h'm--has sent you--"

"By Jove, a suit of pajamas!" I exclaimed, holding them up.

It was neck and neck, but I beat Jenkins to it, after all!

"Gentleman says, sir," continued Jenkins, studying the letter, "that his present of a pair of pajamas may seem surprising, but you won't know how surprising until you have worn them."

"Jolly likely," I admitted, feeling the silk. By Jove, it was the finest, yet thinnest stuff I ever saw, soft as rose leaves and as filmy light as a spider's web. Not bad, that, for a comparison, eh? Caught the idea from a vase of full-blown roses that were beginning to shed their petals there on the table. And on one of the blossoms was a little brown spider. Catch the idea? Suggested spider's web, you know.

"They're rather red, sir," Jenkins commented dubiously.

Red? Well, I should say! My! How jolly re

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I didn't like this one. Perhaps it is because I have read just about everything written by Wodehouse, and this book comes off as a bad Wodehouse parody. It is overdone. Badly overdone in my opinion...and did I say silly? Silly not in a clever, funny way but in a stupid way. However, I have given it to my husband to read (he is not such an avid admirer of Wodehouse), and if he thinks it is great, I will force him to write a review to redeem my poor opinion.
so happy to see this on the front page of the site, if you like farces this is great. Just silly and fun!
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