The Radiant Shell

The Radiant Shell


(2 Reviews)
The Radiant Shell by Paul Ernst





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The Radiant Shell


(2 Reviews)

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y of the van, and went with it to the back door. After a moment of waiting, the door opened. Thorn noticed that it was opened very cautiously, only an inch or so. He caught a glimpse of a heavy chain stretched across the inch opening, and saw a strip of bearded, resolute face.

The door was unchained. The driver walked in, while the door stood open. Thorn started to glide in after him....

Mere chance made him glance at a window near the door. This window framed another bearded, resolute face. And the eyes in that face were like saucers as they stared full at Thorn!

For an instant Thorn knew icy fear. His invisibility! Had something happened to strip him of that concealing mantle? But what could have happened?

He glanced down at himself and saw the reason for the guard's saucer-eyed expression.

A little of the light cloud of dust stirred up by the truck wheels had settled over him and clung to the encasing shell. As he moved, these dust specks moved. The effect to the

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Somehow, this story just manages to avoid being horrible. After the initial silliness, the story is just interesting enough to keep you going. And then the ending goes back to silliness.

An invisible man isn\'t as perfectly invisible as he hopes. And this leads to trouble as he tries to steal back stolen death-ray plans.
An old, kind of creaky, scifi story about an invisibility machine invented in the nick of time to allow our hero to infiltrate the embassy of a hostile power which swiped our heat ray design. Much of the story is the actual mission to recover the plans. It's an adventure story.

The writing is stolid; the characters are two-dimensional.