The Evil Guest

The Evil Guest


(2 Reviews)
The Evil Guest by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu







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The Evil Guest


(2 Reviews)

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uld by possibility have reflected blame or dishonor upon their father, she would have perished rather than have allowed them so much as to suspect. The two friends who did understand her feelings, though in different degrees, were, one, a good and venerable clergyman, the Rev. Doctor Danvers, a frequent visitor and occasional guest at Gray Forest, where his simple manners and unaffected benignity and tenderness of heart had won the love of all, with the exception of its master, and commanded even his respect. The second was no other than the young French governess, Mademoiselle de Barras, in whose ready sympathy and consolatory counsels she found no small happiness. The society of this young lady had indeed become, next to that of her daughter, her greatest comfort and pleasure.

Mademoiselle de Barras was of a noble though ruined French family, and a certain nameless elegance and dignity attested, spite of her fallen condition, the purity of her descent. She was accomplished--possessed of that fine per

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A murder who-done-it Gothic mystery where the author takes verbosity to a new
dimension. I continually found myself saying to the author "get on with it!" and
"get to the point!" Reading this book was like walking through treacle
.....SLOW! I plodded my way to the end, however, but it was not a rewarding

The plot I found highly improbable like some of the characters. The author kept
making assumptions that the reader had understood certain pertinent facts
regarding the plot, but these totally escaped me, mainly due, I guess, to the
author's verbiage. I recommend this book only to people who have difficulty
sleeping at night!
Weak gothic novel by J. Sheridan le Fanu. It seemed rushed and more of a sketch for a future novel. Quite a few of the elements of le Fanu's novel "Uncle Silas" were in this novel. However, I feel that "Uncle Silas" is far superior and should be read instead of this.