Wylder's Hand

Wylder's Hand
A Novel


(2 Reviews)
Wylder's Hand by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu







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Wylder's Hand
A Novel


(2 Reviews)

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appoint. I want you for best man, maybe; and besides, I would like to talk to you about some things they want me to do in the settlements, and you were always a long-headed fellow: so pray don't refuse.

'Dear Charlie, ever most sincerely,

'Your old Friend,


'P.S.--I stay at the Brandon Arms in the town, until after the marriage; and then you can have a room at the Hall, and capital shooting when we return, which will be in a fortnight after.'

I can't say that Wylder was an old friend. But he was certainly one of the oldest and most intimate acquaintances I had. We had been for nearly three years at school together; and when his ship came to England, met frequently; and twice, when he was on leave, we had been for months together under the same roof; and had for some years kept up a regular correspondence, which first grew desultory, and finally, as manhood supervened, died out. The plain truth is, I did not very much like him.

Then there was that beautiful apa

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Compared with the excellent Uncle Silas by le Fanu, I found this tale in every way inferior.

Slow moving, wordy, containing serious typos (Gutenberg edition,) a boring narrator and no adequate hero, and an unsatisfactory conclusion. Even with extensive skipping it was a waste of several hours.

OTOH it had a few pretty good villains.
Good mystery novel containing some gothic elements. It starts out a little slow, but the pace picks up the further you read until you just can't put it down. Lots of suspense that will have you guessing until the end. Worth reading.
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