Martin Conisby's Vengeance

Martin Conisby's Vengeance


(2 Reviews)
Martin Conisby's Vengeance by Jeffery Farnol







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Martin Conisby's Vengeance


(2 Reviews)
A classic pirate tale of the Spanish Main, featuring the female pirate, Captain Jo, this continuation of "Black Bartelmy's Treasure" picks up the plot three years later.

Book Excerpt

want, as my light hatchet, sword, pistols, etc. I was buckling on my belt when her voice arrested me, albeit she spoke me very sweetly and soft:

"You go now to your woman--your light of love--yes?"

"There is no woman but yourself," said I, frowning.

"Liar! Then what of this?" and she pointed slender finger; then I saw that tattered garment lying where I had dropped it and this woman spurning it with her foot. So I stooped forthwith, and snatching it from her desecrating touch, folded it across my arm, whereat she fell to sudden laughter very ill to bear.

"Ah--ah!" said she, softer than before and most hatefully a-smiling, "'tis for her sake your chin goeth bare and smooth--yes? She is over-nice in the matter of--"

"I tell you she is gone!" said I in fury.

"Gone--gone, is she? And you alone here, longing but for her return, through weeks and months and years waiting for her to come back to you; is not this the truth of it, yes?" Now I, knowing this for very truth, cou

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The second of a two book series - read "Black Bartlemy's Treasure" first. (If you search for it by title - "Bartlemy", not "Bartelmy" as in the synopsis above.)

Martin Conisby's quest for vengeance continues as he contends with pirates, many perils, and some new characters that do not dissapoint. Highly recommended.
This book is the 2nd and final book in the series, following Black Bartlemy’s Treasure, so be sure to read that first.
The 2 books together tell the adventure of Martin Conisby who had all stole from him by an adversary of a longstanding family feud and Martin was set on revenge. In attempts to get travel over-sea to his revenge becomes involved in a treasure hunt, stranded on deserted islands, and involved with pirates and other foes. He also encounters romance, but his driving force is the need for revenge, so there is no fulfilled love and peace till that is resolved. Fear not though, for as with all Farnol’s stories, it will likely be love and happiness in the end.