Heritage Perilous

Heritage Perilous


(2 Reviews)
Heritage Perilous by Jeffery Farnol







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Heritage Perilous


(2 Reviews)
Jeffery Farnol, that superb teller of lusty tales, returns with an exciting new novel, which is good news to his host of staunch admirers and to all readers who love swiftly-paced, soundly-written historical fiction.The action of the story takes place two years after the death of Admiral Nelson and concerns a strapping young seaman, Sam Felton, who, returning from hard years at sea, unexpectedly finds himself succeeding to an important earldom with its great house, vast lands and immense wealth. But his succession is not easily accepted by unworthy relatives and conniving neighbors who resent an usurper of a legacy that was to be their own. This means that Sam must fight his way with brawn and brain to gain control of his rightful heritage. I means too that he must fight for the charming and inscrutable Andromeda, a raven-haired beauty whose life was tinged with the same measure of excitement as Sam's even after that doughty young mariner makes her welfare his personal concern."Heritage Perilous" is for that vast multitude of readers, the young in heart, who for a few hours are eager to get away from the world of today and back to the romantic days of an earlier century. It is also a novel that will enhance Jeffery Farnol's eminent position as one of the most famous modern figures in the great tradition of English story tellers.

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pies of every sort."

"Ay, true enough!" nodded Sam. "I've run athwart 'em, men and women in every port half round the world, so I've learned enough to keep 'em in my lee, give 'em a wide berth, d'ye see--steer clear of 'em, if you know what I mean, sir."

"Ah but," said Mr. Joliffe, leaning nearer, "there is an even greater danger threatens you, closer ... more insistent, a ... cold and deadly menace that, given opportunity, may strike unseen ... swiftly and without ... mercy!" Now as he listened Sam was amazed to hear Mr. Joliffe's voice sink to a hissing whisper, to see his brows knit above fierce or anxious eyes while the hand that had grasped his sleeve was shaking.

"Sir," questioned Sam, laying his own large, vital hand upon these clutching fingers, "what is this menace?"

"Your paternal uncle, Lord Julian Scrope."

"Uncle, eh?" murmured Sam. "Never knew I had one, but since I have--what about him?"

"He is your father's only brother and would have succeeded to this

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A Story of an Englishman sailor who expectantly inherits vast wealth and his blessing of his friends, opposing evil, and winning true love. It is the typical Farnol scenario that makes his romances a pleasure to read, with the lead character as a hero of sorts who wins at all he does and blesses all those that befriend him. You are assured of a happy ending for all that are good, the riddance of the wicked, and finding true love.