The Parson O' Dumford

The Parson O' Dumford


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The Parson O' Dumford by George Manville Fenn





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The Parson O' Dumford


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The "Parson o' Dumford" is an athletic young man, who poses rather offensively in the hail-fellow fashion, even to the beer-drinking, in order to make friends with his rough factory parish, and spends the rest of his time rescuing from mobs and other scrapes the vicious young factory owner, his successful rival in love.

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u ought not to touch."

The girl crimsoned to the roots of her hair at the word Eve, and exchanged glances with her companion, who was standing before her, looking hot, frowning, and cross, with her eyes fixed on the ground, and her nose in the air, as if being scourged by the angry look directed at her by the young workman, who stood a few yards off scowling, with his hands thrust into the very bottoms of his pockets.

"I did not think the bog was so treacherous," said the girl, stealing a look at the frank, manly face before her. "It looked so safe."

"So do many things in this world, my dear; but you must not trust them any the more for their fair seeming."

The girl started a little, and looked indignant at the familiar way in which she was addressed by so young a man--a perfect stranger. She had already tried to sting him in the bog with two or three furious darts from her bright eyes for daring to put his arms round her. In fact she had felt for a moment that she would rather sin

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