The Man with a Shadow

The Man with a Shadow


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The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn





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The Man with a Shadow


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A young surgeon develops a scientific theory on the subject of "death by shock." This he considers to be "a blot upon the science of the present day" which ought not to be tolerated; and he does his best to prove that there is no necessity at all for a man to die in that particular way. In the same parish with the doctor is a country curate, of the jocular muscular Christian type, whose two sisters live with him--Mary the good and gentle, and Leo the flighty and violent. In addition to these there are the squire and his brother, who give the curate and his sisters a good deal of trouble.

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e out. Now, Master Tom Candlish, if you are there, I'll--"

He gave himself a sharp slap on the mouth.

"Steady! Man, man, man! how you do forget your cloth! But if Tom Candlish--Pish! Steady, man! Let's go and see."

Mary Salis stood in the deep old mullioned window, gazing after him.

"Hartley never leaves and speaks like that unless there is something wrong," she said to herself. "If that wretched man has persuaded Leo-- she has just gone out--without a word. Oh, no, no! she would not do such a thing as that. How I do picture troubles where there are none!"

She stood watching until her brother disappeared, and then went back into the dining-room, telling herself that it was folly, but her heart refused to be convinced, and set up a low, heavy, ominous throb.




A virtuous mob's war-cry. The favourite ejaculation of the unwashed scoundrels who are always read

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