The Master of the Ceremonies

The Master of the Ceremonies
A Novel


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The Master of the Ceremonies by George Manville Fenn







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The Master of the Ceremonies
A Novel


(0 Reviews)
The Master of the Ceremonies is turbid, terrifying and thrilling. It contains, besides many 'moving accidents by flood and field,' an elopement, an abduction, a bigamous marriage, an attempted assassination, a duel, a suicide, and a murder. The murder, we must acknowledge, is a masterpiece.

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miling sadly, and returning the embrace. "But sit down, sit down now, and let us discuss these very weighty matters. Fortune is beginning to smile upon us, my dears. May is off my hands--well married."

Claire shook her head sadly.

"I say well married, Claire," said her father sternly, "and though we have still that trouble ever facing us, of a member of our family debauched by drunkenness, and sunk down to the degradation of a common soldier--"

"Oh! I say, father, leave poor old Fred alone," cried Morton. "He isn't a bad fellow; only unlucky."

"Be silent, sir, and do not mention his name again in my presence. And Claire, once for all, I forbid his coming to this house."

"He only came to the back door," grumbled Morton.

"A son who is so degraded that he cannot come to the front door, and must lower himself to the position of one of our servants, is no companion for my children. I forbid all further communication with him."

"Oh, papa!" cried Claire, with the tear

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