Ravensdene Court

Ravensdene Court


(4 Reviews)
Ravensdene Court by J. S. Fletcher





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Ravensdene Court


(4 Reviews)

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"Aye, well, and Salter Quick's been in quarters of that sort in his time," he observed, with a glance that suggested infinite meaning. "He has, so! But this ain't no desert island, master. I can see they ain't short of good grub and sound liquor here!"

He made his usual jerk of the thumb--this time in the direction of the landlord, who just then came back with a well-filled tray. And presently, first removing his cap and saying his grace in a devout fashion, he sat down and began to eat with an evidently sharp-set appetite. Trifling with my bread and cheese, I turned to the landlord.

"This is a very lonely spot," I said. "I was surprised to see a licensed house here. Where do you get your customers?"

"Ah, you wouldn't see it as you came along," replied the landlord. "I saw you coming--you came from Alnmouth way. There's a village just behind here--it 'ud be hidden from you by this headland at back of the house--goodish-sized place. Plenty o' custom from that, o' nights. And of co

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Summoned to catalog a library in a remote district, antiquarian Leonard Middlebrook falls upon the completely unrelated murder of a chance met stranger, which turns out to be part of a complex scheme. The mystery itself is interesting, but the story moves slowly, and since Middlebrook is mainly a hapless and disinterested observer whose presence doesn't advance the plot, his narration seems rather dull and static. Some parts of the novel appear to have been manipulated just so Middlebrook could be on the scene to report on them, and the whole thing might have been better with an omniscient narrator.
Another J.S. Fletcher mystery novel that is fun to read. Although his novels are formulaic, as another reviewer noted, they keep you entertained until the end.
I would rank Ravensdene Court number one or two of the Fletcher mystery novels that I have read. Very entertaining and highly recommended.
This is a lovely tale of murder mystery and romance. As always Fletcher writes to a formula, but the action is fast paced and intriguing. well worth reading.
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