The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine


(4 Reviews)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine by Jr. John Fox







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The Trail of the Lonesome Pine


(4 Reviews)
The "lonesome pine" from which the story takes its name was a tall tree that stood in solitary splendor on a mountain top. The fame of the pine lured a young engineer through Kentucky to catch the trail, and when he finally climbed to its shelter he found not only the pine but the foot-prints of a girl. And the girl proved to be lovely, piquant, and the trail of these girlish foot-prints led the young engineer a madder chase than "the trail of the lonesome pine."

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he said shortly. "How are you?"

"Fine!" was the nonchalant answer. For a moment there was silence and a puzzled frown gathered on the mountaineer's face.

"That's a bright little girl of yours--What did she mean by telling you not to hurt me?"

"You haven't been long in these mountains, have ye?"

"No--not in THESE mountains--why?" The fisherman looked around and was almost startled by the fierce gaze of his questioner.

"Stop that, please," he said, with a humourous smile. "You make me nervous."

The mountaineer's bushy brows came together across the bridge of his nose and his voice rumbled like distant thunder.

"What's yo' name, stranger, an' what's yo' business over hyeh?"

"Dear me, there you go! You can see I'm fishing, but why does everybody in these mountains want to know my name?"

"You heerd me!"

"Yes." The fisherman turned again and saw the giant's rugged face stern and pale with open anger now, and he, too, grew suddenly serious.

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When I was a youngster (1940's), my favorite memories are the summers my sisters and I got to spend on my grandparents farm at Dewey, (Anacortes) WA. Lazy, sunny days, doing chores, helping grampa with haying, wood cutting and stacking, milking,currying the horse,(Teddy,) picking fresh vegies from the garden, etc. Helping gramma with cleaning, cooking, canning, tending the gardens (flower and vegie) and just feeling loved. We were from Seattle, and that city was SO much different! My grandparents lived off the farm, doing trading and working for necessary things. Not many luxuries, but what they had was loved and cared for.(I have much of it today). One thing I truly loved was my gramma's favorite book, the Trail of the lonesome pine. I bet I've read it 1000 times or more over the years, and it is on my nightstand today! They had the recording also, but it is gone now. I've seen the movie many times. Can still see Claudette Colbert sitting at the base of the pine, talking to God!!!What a wonderful, emotion stirring, memory making book. I'd recommend it to anyone.
This is a beautifully written story. For the heroin it's a grand coming-of-age tale as well as a wonderful love story as she blossoms into a strong woman. It's a story of a violent clash of cultures, a clash of old and new, of infringement of a modern world on an isolated community with its very distinctive morals and values. For the hero its a story of discovery, frustration, loss, and eventual winning. The ending is a beautiful resolution.
Beautifully written. Fox's ability to paint a picture is a pleasure to read. He doesn't stop with one picture; it's
more akin to a movie. I particularly enjoy the use of verbiage long forgotten.
I LOVED this book. It was worded so well, captivating and compleatly enjoying. I would in a heart beat recomend this book to just about anyone. :)
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