The Phantom Motor

The Phantom Motor


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The Phantom Motor by Jacques Futrelle





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The Phantom Motor


(1 Review)

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, or evaporates he'll see and can tell us.'

Baker looked at him curiously.

'I'd hate to be the man in the middle,' he declared. There was something of uneasiness in his manner.

'I rather think I would, too,' responded Hatch.

On the following evening, consequent upon the appearance of the story of the phantom auto in Hatch's paper, there were twelve other reporters on hand. Most of them were openly, flagrantly sceptical; they even insinuated that no one had seen an auto. Hatch smiled wisely.

'Wait!' he advised with deep conviction.

So when the darkness fell that evening the newspaper men of a great city had entered into a conspiracy to capture the phantom auto. Thirteen of them, making a total of fifteen men with Baker and Bowman, were on hand and they agreed to a suggestion for all to take positions along the road of The Trap from Baker's post to Bowman's, watch for the auto, see what happened to it and compare notes afterwards. So they scattered themselves along a few hundred feet apa

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The Phantom Motor is a great short mystery. Two constables are searching for an auto that seems to vanish every night when approaching the mid point of their posts. With some help from a reporter and a scientist (known as the "thinking machine") the mystery is solved.Very entertaining.
Sabrina Flynn - Suspenseful Victorian Mystery
FEATURED AUTHOR - Sabrina Flynn is the author of Ravenwood Mysteries set in Victorian San Francisco. When she’s not exploring the seedy alleyways of the Barbary Coast, she dabbles in fantasy and steampunk and has a habit of throwing herself into wild oceans and gator-infested lakes. She lives in perpetual fog and sunshine with a rock troll and two crazy imps. She spent her youth trailing after insanity, jumping off bridges, climbing towers, and riding down waterfalls in barrels.