Irresistible Weapon

Irresistible Weapon


(2 Reviews)
Irresistible Weapon by Horace Bowne Fyfe





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Irresistible Weapon


(2 Reviews)
There's no such thing as a weapon too horrible to use; weapons will continue to become bigger, and deadlier. Like other things that can't be stopped....

Book Excerpt

d pushed the boundaries of space exploration past the asteroids. The satellite was about to become spectacularly significant, however, as the first target of man's newest, most destructive weapon.

"I need not remind you, gentlemen," white-haired Co-ordinator Evora of Mars had said, "that if we have actually succeeded in this race against our former Centaurian colonies, it may well prevent the imminent conflict entirely. In a few moments we shall know whether our scientists have developed a truly irresistible weapon."

Of all the officials, soldiers, and scientists present, Arnold Gibson was perhaps the least excited. For one thing, he had labored hard to make the new horror succeed and felt reasonably confident that it would. The project had been given the attention of every first-class scientific mind in the Solar System; for the great fear was that the new states on the Centaurian planets might win the race of discovery and ...

And bring a little order into this old-fashioned, inefficient fumbling towar

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A very short story that becomes rather morbid. There is a twist at the end, which turns out to be the story's only redeeming feature.
One of a team of scientists developing a moon-destroying weapon for Earth turns traitor and spills his knowledge to the Centaurian enemies. But was he clever? or a fool?

The plotting is pretty good, as is the character of the leader of the Centaurians; the traitor's motivation to betray Earth seems a bit vague. Not a bad story though.
Liz Butcher - Powerful, Gripping YA Horror
FEATURED AUTHOR - Liz Butcher resides in Australia, with her husband, daughter, and two cats. She's a self-confessed nerd with a BA in psychology and an insatiable fascination for learning. When she's not writing or spending time with her family, Liz enjoys road trips, astronomy, music, and knitting. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, LeRoux Manor.