Eleven Possible Cases

Eleven Possible Cases


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The Only Girl at Overlook, Franklin FylesA Thing that Glistened, Frank R. StocktonA Lion and a Lioness, Joaquin MillerThe Cheated Juliet, Q.The Mystic Krewe, Maurice ThompsonStrange Adventures of a Million Dollars, Ingersoll LockwoodA Lost Day, Edgar FawcettA Tragedy of High Explosives, Brainard Gardner SmithThe Bushwhacker's Gratitude, Kirke MunroeThe End of All, Nym CrinkleShall He Marry Her? Anna Katherine Green

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u take-a hees part?"

She bit her lip in resentment, but made no reply.

"Pare-haps he is one-a lover oof you?"

Still she would not reply to his impertinence. That angered him more than the severest rejoinder would have done.

"Oh, I am sure-a zat he ees one suitor."

She gave way at length to his provocation, and yet without any violent words, for she simply said: "You are insulting, while he is at least reasonably polite--when he heeds me at all, which isn't often."

"Not-a often? But some-what closely he heed-a you. See zat."

With an open palm he struck the place on the sapling where Gerald had whittled. The spot was on the outer edge, where Mary could not see it from her seat. She went around to the front of the primitively constructed desk, or high counter, to gratify her curiosity. There she saw that Gerald had carved a hand--her own hand, as she instantly perceived. The small and shapely member was reproduced in the fresh, pale wood with rare fidelity. She ha


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(1891) Short story collection

R: *****

Plot bullets


o Genre: Mystery

o Murder at the railway construction site.

o The solution to the mystery, comes from the sky.

2. A THING THAT GLISTENED, Frank R. Stockton

o Genre: Adventure

o A man takes on the task of retrieving a ladies jewels which went overboard.

o His life is in danger.

o He is rewarded for his efforts, but not by the lady.

3. A LION AND A LIONESS, Joaquin Miller

o Genre: Adventure

o In Egypt, a man and woman are confronted by a lion.

o It is the woman that faces it down.


o Genre:

o A thief enters a room to steal jewels.

o He is encountered by an older woman, who thinks he has come to elope with her.

o The woman is obviously in a mental condition. What to do?

5. THE MYSTIC KREWE, Maurice Thompson

o Genre: OCCULT

o A man is trapped into a duel with a Judge in N.O.

o This Judge has a reputation for his ability with the pistol and perhaps mystic powers.


o Genre: Adventure

o A gamblers millions are the curse for his heirs.

7. A LOST DAY, Edgar Fawcett

o Genre: Intrigue

o A man has no recollection of one day of his life

o He has a reputation for exaggeration,, so no one believes his loss of memory.

8. A TRAGEDY OF HIGH EXPLOSIVES, Brainard Gardner Smith

o Genre: Adventure / Mystery

o A derelict ship is found with gruesome circumstances aboard.

o A diary tells all.


o Genre: Adventure

o A man saves a boys life.

o Later the boy's father does something that seems to be very ungrateful.

o But, has he.

10. THE END OF ALL, Nym Crinkle

o Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure

o From the middle Pacific eastward across the US, life seems to be nonexistent.

o The area is moving to the East at a consistent rate.

o Can anything be done, or is it the end of all.

11. SHALL HE MARRY HER? Anna Katherine Green

o Genre: Mystery

o The honor of three ladies is at stake.

o A request is made for money.

o It was in the name of one who did not make it, and reflects badly on her.

o Two men set out to solve the mystery.

An unusual collection. Some of the authors are quite well known, but these stories are not.

Why? Because they do not conform to standard short story forms; although they represent Mystery, Suspense, Action, Supernatural, Romance, there is always something lacking: a conclusion, a plot, an explanation...

Makes for quaint reading, the authors are good, but one wonders if these stories were commissioned for this volume, selected according to some editorial principle, or what?

No doubt the title explains it all, but not to me.
Debra Kristi - Magical, Thrilling Urban Fantasy
FEATURED AUTHOR - Award-winning and USA Today best-selling author Debra Kristi writes addicting young adult fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal adventures. Born and raised a Southern California girl, she still resides in the sunny state with her husband, two kids, and several rescue cats. Unlike many of the characters in the stories she writes, Debra is not immortal, and her only superpower is letting the dishes and laundry pile up.