The Work of Christ

The Work of Christ
Past, Present and Future


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The Work of Christ by Arno Clemens Gaebelein







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The Work of Christ
Past, Present and Future


(2 Reviews)

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d this man Godspeed during his recent visit to America, who passed resolutions of thanks, after listening to his subtle infidelity, are, in the light of 2 John 10, partakers of his sin. And then there is that Anti-christian system, known by the name of Christian Science. In its so-called philosophical, in reality, satanic utterances, it opposes the revelation of God and denies that Jesus Christ is come into the flesh. That evil book, "Science and Health," to which we readily accord inspiration, not from above, but from below, teaches "The Virgin Mary conceived the idea of God and gave to her ideal the name of Jesus;" and again "Jesus was the offspring of Mary's self-communion with God."

It is a comfort to believers in these evil days to remember, that such a rejection of the doctrine of Christ, His Person and His work, is predicted in the Bible to take place immediately before the Lord comes. The end of the age is upon us. These denials will not decrease, but become more numerous.

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Previous review must be of a diffrent book, this is a work of theology not the historical Jesus.
A most interesting and pragmatic companion piece to 'The Passion of Christ'. In 'The Passion of Christ' we learned about Jesus Christ's religious teachings and his efforts to '..take on the sins of world.' and provide eternal life for all '..who believeth in him'.

But in 'The Work of Christ' we learn about Jesus Christ's actual work-a-day duties. His job, if you will, as a carpenter and the skills required to actually put unleaven bread on the table and pay the bills.

In this book you'll learn Jesus's techiniques to:

*Saw wood in a straight line
*Make and use glue
*Market and sell deluxe dining room tables
*Use those scraps of wood to make stylish and functional quill holders
*Discover the key to business success: