Romance Island

Romance Island


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Romance Island by Zona Gale







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Romance Island


(3 Reviews)
Two charming love affairs, thrilling perils, pervasive humor, most unusual scenes, a vein of piquant sentiment, a style of grace unmatched, unite to make of "Romance Island" a golden land in fiction.

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jewels. Miss Holland claims that she never saw or heard of the woman before. Now, what do you make of it?" he demanded, unconcernedly draining his glass.

"Splendid," cried St. George in unfeigned interest. "I say, splendid. Did you see the woman?" he asked Amory.

Amory nodded.

"Yes," he said, "Andy fixed that for me. But she never said a word. I _parlez-voused_ her, and _verstehen-Sied_ her, and she sighed and turned her head."

"Did you see the heiress?" St. George asked.

"Not I," mourned Amory, "not to talk with, that is. I happened to be hanging up in the hall there the afternoon it occurred;" he modestly explained.

"What luck," St. George commented with genuine envy. "It's a stunning story. Who is Miss Holland?"

"She's lived there for a year or more with her aunt," said Chillingworth. "She is a New Yorker and an heiress and a great beauty--oh, all the properties are there, but they're all we've got. What do you make of it?" he repeated.

St. George did not answer, and every one else

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(1906) Sci-fi (Ancient world / Advanced technology) / Mystery () / Adventure ()

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

An island is the home of the modern descendants of an ancient civilization. No, not Atlantis.
A romantic island? Romance does eventually reveal itself, but life on that island begins under false pretenses..
A girl, is willingly, taken to an island to become it's Queen. Hope is held out to her, that she may find a clue to her missing father.
All is not as it seems, as a evil Prince wants her and the royal position he hopes it will bring him.
Another man has fallen for the girl, and tracks her to the island, having, at first, no idea of the treachery afoot.
Who would have thought that love, hate, revenge, greed and an unscrupulous attempt to seize the throne, could all emanate from someplace known as , 'Romance Island'?

I read this because the previous reviewer (whose reviews I always enjoy and usually find spot on) likened it to a distaff representation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. That was enough to hook me, as I view E. R. B. as a genius. Well, I guess I expected too much. It is not a bad book. A fanciful story, I guess I would call it, but I would not compare it on any level with anything written by Burroughs unless perhaps to say that the romance is overwritten (our hero asks for three lumps of sugar in his tea, not because he usually takes three but because he wants the thrill of watching her fingers as she serves him--sheesh!) as was Burroughs wont also. Did I say over the top? Nevertheless, I can't say I wouldn't recommend it--only don't expect too much so you won't be disappointed.
A newspaperman follows a beautiful woman on a search for her father to a marvelous hidden island, where the denizens travel through the fourth dimension, employ perpetual motion and do many other wonderful things. You might call it a distaff version of Edgar Rice Burroughs -- rather over-written and flowery, but with some novel elements in an otherwise conventional lost-world romance.
Nick Cook - An Unusual Blend of Hi-Tech Action Thriller and Mystery Sci-Fi
FEATURED AUTHOR - A former games' industry art director, Nick has a passion for science and astronomy, often blogging about the latest mind-bending discoveries made in areas such as quantum physics. Forever influenced by growing up during the era of the Apollo moon landings, Nick developed a life long love affair with science and science fiction. It's that early influence that moulds much of his writing today.