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Spillthrough by Daniel F. Galouye





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Ships switching from hyper to normal space had to do it in a micro-second—if the crews were to live. But it would take Brad suicidal minutes!

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essel's stern.

He got additional speed out of his propulsor, but the tubes swung slowly as he covered more of the distance to his hatch. It seemed he couldn't escape his position of looking up into the mouths of the jets.

"I don't know, boss," the speaker near his ear sounded again. "Maybe he is out there."

"We better not take chances, then," Altman was not hiding the heavy sarcasm in his words. "Blast away!"

Brad kicked sideways, stiffened his arm and hit the wrist jet full force. He shot to one side on a course parallel with the Fleury.

A blinding gusher of raw energy exploded--a cone of blistering, scintillating force that streaked through space between himself and the disabled ship. The aiming was perfect. Had he not swerved off when he did, had he stayed on his original course, he would have been in the center of the lance of hell-power.

As he drifted shakily into the hatch, the Queen wasn't even a dot against the trellis of star traces. But, while he lo

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A hyperspace freighter with a valuable cargo is crippled while in hyperspace, its failing engines barely adequate to keep it from dropping into normal space. Its distress signal is answered surprisingly quickly, but the responding ship is much more interested in rescuing the cargo than the crew or ship.

A nice little battle of wits between the freighter captain and the pirate captain.
Parker Pace - A Psychological Thriller That is Probably Going to Mess With Your Head
FEATURED AUTHOR - Parker Pace was born in the UK, but Seattle is her home. More than anything, she loves to read. Give her a good book, and she doesn't care about the rest. She also loves live musicals and the theater. It fascinates her to see a story come to life. For her, there’s nothing like it in the world. The last musical she saw was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They don’t play that one as much as they used to, but it has a beautiful score and she highly recommends it.  As our Author of the day, Parker tells… Read more