Quality and Others

Quality and Others
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Quality and Others by John Galsworthy





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Quality and Others
Studies and Essays


(6 Reviews)

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retching out to him my youthful foot:

"Isn't it awfully hard to do, Mr. Gessler?"

And his answer, given with a sudden smile from out of the sardonic redness of his beard: "Id is an Ardt!"

Himself, he was a little as if made from leather, with his yellow crinkly face, and crinkly reddish hair and beard; and neat folds slanting down his cheeks to the corners of his mouth, and his guttural and one-toned voice; for leather is a sardonic substance, and stiff and slow of purpose. And that was the character of his face, save that his eyes, which were grey-blue, had in them the simple gravity of one secretly possessed by the Ideal. His elder brother was so very like him--though watery, paler in every way, with a great industry--that sometimes in early days I was not quite sure of him until the interview was over. Then I knew that it was he, if the words, "I will ask my brudder," had not been spoken; and that, if they had, it was his elder brother.

When one grew old and wild and ran up bills, one someho

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This story is a classic, not only in its own narrative, but is symbolic of all the progress-tragedy duo of constantly changing life. When the loyal proponents become casualties of a newer, brusker, supposedly more efficient, less sensitive manner of modern progress, much humanity is lost. Or so it seems at the time.
I read this a few weeks ago. I was reading all the short stories in my English book and I found this. It was so touching, I was crying when I finished it. The tears started falling when Mr. Gessler's brother died. It's truly an amazing piece of art!
i love this story it touches my heart so deeply......even Mr.Gessler died in that story he even finish the shoes....huhuhu...love it...
As I read Quality, it kind of tickled me inside the chest. This is a very good touching fiction. Poor Mr. Gessler the shoemaking ol' freak. Galsworthy rocks.
John Galsworthy is one of the best writers of all time. His short story "Quality" has touched me when I first read it as a teenager. After reading it again today, I am not surprised that it still affects me dearly. No wonder, I have not forgotten it for the past 10 years.