The Impossibles

The Impossibles


(5 Reviews)
The Impossibles by Randall Garrett, Laurence M. Janifer







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The Impossibles


(5 Reviews)
CRIME WAVE 1972 -- the strange powers of the minds of tomorrow.

Book Excerpt

ething. Because there wasn't anybody behind me."

"There had to be," Bill said.

"Well," Malone said, "there wasn't."

There was a little silence.

"What happened then?" Sam said. "After you tried the door handle, I mean."

"Then?" Malone said. "Then I went out like a light."

A pair of headlights rounded the nearby corner. Bill looked up. "That's the prowl car," he announced, and went over to meet it.

The driver was a solidly built little man with the face of a Pekingese. His partner, a tall man who looked as if he'd have been much more comfortable in a ten-gallon Stetson instead of the regulation blue cap, leaned out at Bill, Sam, and Malone.

"What's the trouble here?" he said in a harsh, high voice.

"No trouble," Bill said, and went over to the car. He began talking to the two cops inside in a low, urgent voice. Meanwhile, Sam got his arm around Malone and began pulling him away from the lamp post.

Malone was a little unwilling to let go, at f


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As far as story-telling goes, this one is excellent. The sense of whodunit/whatshappenin is there to almost the end. However, the characterizations are a bit over the top, and all the characters are similar in their wise-cracking humor. The bad language gets out of hand, and none of the characters have any real morality about them. It's also hard to justifiably call this a sci-fi story since there really isn't any science base to it.
Not as good as "That Sweet Little Old Lady" or the book, Brain Twisters, made from that story, but this second in the series is sitll a fun read. I've now downloaded all the Gordon Garrett works available from this site & look forward to reading them all. Always a fun read!
Love this trilogy -- although have found more of the psi-Garrett work now! Yippee! Will soon begin reading vigorish.
Not much to add to R Stephans comment - still the same humor, the story of Brain Twister continues, still worth reading (and only 200 pages as "large-font-PDF"). The novelty of the 1st book wears a bit off for me, so it was a bit less enjoyable.
Also we're regrettably getting deeper into the supernatural - perhaps "just telepathy" was not enough for an exciting story?

Different from the 1st book, there was (in my opinion) not so much of a mystery one could try to guess before being explicitly told.

Oh - one more thing - what happened to the blonde that our hero had madly fallen in love with in Brain Twister in this book?!

The same humor in a similar story makes the second volume in this SF novel series a satisfying followup to Brain Twister. The subject is a natural consequence of Twister's, and persons from that appear also in this book, so better read it beforehand.