Despoilers of the Golden Empire

Despoilers of the Golden Empire


(2 Reviews)
Despoilers of the Golden Empire by Randall Garrett







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Despoilers of the Golden Empire


(2 Reviews)
A handful of men, and an incredible adventure--a few super-men, led by a fanatic, seeking to conquer a new world!

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d peoples, but even they had no concept of freedom, since they were as tied to the people as the people were tied to them. It was a benevolent dictatorship of a kind never seen before or since.

At the periphery of the Empire of the Sun-Child lived still unconquered savage tribes, which the Imperial forces were in the process of slowly taking over. During the centuries, tribe after tribe had fallen before the brilliant leadership of the Great Nobles and the territory of the Empire had slowly expanded until, at the time the invading Earthmen came, it covered almost as much territory as had the Roman Empire at its peak.

The Imperial Army, consisting of upwards of fifty thousand troops, was extremely mobile in spite of the handicap of having no form of transportation except their own legs. They had no cavalry; the only beast of burden known to them--the flame-beasts--were too small to carry more than a hundred pounds, in spite of their endurance. But the wide, smooth roads that ran the length and br

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A fairly good read. The author is WAY too proud of himself at the end, and the twist is no great thing. But, nonetheless, worthy of the time spent on it.
A rather dead and tedious adventure story of a group of soldiers from one world conquering a barbaric civilization for their gold. I suppose Frank is a character, but he's pretty wooden. There's a twist at the end that sort of explains the purpose of the story, but it's hardly enough to make the slog worthwhile.
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