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By Proxy


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By Proxy by Randall Garrett





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By Proxy


(2 Reviews)
It's been said that the act of creation is a solitary thing--that teams never create; only individuals. But sometimes a team may be needed to make creation effective....

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Porter wants me to know somethin', he tells me, an' if he don't, why, I don't reckon it's any a my business."

"I see," said Elshawe. And that shuts me up, he thought to himself. He took out his pipe and began to fill it in silence.

"How's everything out in Los Angeles, Mr. Skinner?" Rodriguez asked the passenger in back. "Haven't seen you in quite a spell."

Elshawe listened to the conversation between the two with half an ear and smoked his pipe wordlessly.

He had spent the previous day getting all the information he could on Malcom Porter, and the information hadn't been dull by any means.

Porter had been born in New York in 1949, which made him just barely thirty-three. His father, Vanneman Porter, had been an oddball in his own way, too. The Porters of New York didn't quite date back to the time of Peter Stuyvesant, but they had been around long enough to acquire the feeling that the twenty-four dollars that had been paid for Manhattan Island had come ou

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An inventor's unauthorized “rocket” is shot down by the military and he is sent to prison though he claims that it wasn't a rocket, it was an anti-gravity machine. When he gets out of prison, he starts building a new machine that will take him to the moon, despite being on parole. He takes a news reporter into his confidence, then kidnaps him.
An interesting story within a story that is really about who needs to be famous, and who doesn't. Until the plot makes it to the last third of the story, it drags a bit. All the characters are men, Skinner is the most interesting.
A very good read but lacking in content both with characters and the story plot. This is the first book by this author so I cannot fully determine if the story was done short on purpose or not. The storyline would make for a fantastic read if a longer novel was to be written. Over all you can easily read is book in under an hour and enjoy it but if your looking for a longer more in-depth novel i suggest you look elsewhere