Occasion... for Disaster

Occasion... for Disaster


(2 Reviews)
Occasion... for Disaster by Laurence M. Janifer, Randall Garrett





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Occasion... for Disaster


(2 Reviews)
A very small slip, at just the wrong place, can devastate any enterprise. One tiny transistor can go wrong ... and ruin a multi-million dollar missile. Which would be one way to stop the missiles.... (reprinted in 1963 as Supermind.)

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e. Division III, Malone remembered, was devoted to non-poisonous substances--like clay or sand found in boots or trouser cuffs, cigar ashes and such. They were placed on the same floor as Fingerprints to allow free and frequent passage between the sections on the problems of plastic prints--made in putty or like substances--and visible prints, made when the hand is covered with a visible substance like blood, ketchup or glue.

Malone found what he was looking for at the very end of the floor. It was the Computer Section, a large room filled with humming, clacking and buzzing machines of an ancient vintage, muttering to themselves as they worked, and newer machines which were smaller and more silent. Lights were lighting and bells were ringing softly, relays were relaying and the whole room was a gigantic maze of calculating and control machines. What space wasn't filled by the machines themselves was filled by workbenches, all littered with an assortment of gears, tubes, spare relays, transistors, wires

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I tried so very hard to stick with this story, but it is just flat out boring. I gave up about a third of the way through. It's written like a comic book. Perhaps if you like that kind of thing then you'll enjoy it more than I did. But, the characters, the plot, everything just seems to contrived and unbelievable. And there's no action or drive to speak of.

A psionic FBI agent tries to track down a string of odd happenings among members of Congress. An interesting premise, perhaps, but a terrible execution.
Evidently, this is the second novel in the trilogy that began with Brain Twisters. In this, the FBI agent Malone, who has precognition and is able to teleport himself, is assigned to find the Russian(?) agents who are sabotaging the nation's computers and causing errors that are bringing down the government. And the trade unions. And the Mafia.
The middle is a bit too long, but the premise is interesting; the ending is a bit confusing.
If you believe in the possibility of psi powers, you'll enjoy the story.
Eleanor Chance - Heart-warming Page-Turner set in Renaissance Italy
FEATURED AUTHOR - Eleanor Chance is a writer of award-winning suspense, thriller, and historical women's fiction. She cherishes books that influence her writing and her life, and hopes to create the same experience for readers. Her debut novel, Arms of Grace is a finalist in consideration for production by Wind Dancer Films, a silver medalist in the Readers' Favorite Awards, and a recipient of the B.R.A.G. Medallion. Eleanor has traveled the world and lived in five countries.