Palos of the Dog Star Pack

Palos of the Dog Star Pack


(3 Reviews)
Palos of the Dog Star Pack by J. U. Giesy





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Palos of the Dog Star Pack


(3 Reviews)

Book Excerpt

It was with a feeling little short of positive annoyance that I heard the door-bell ring. Indeed, I confess, I was tempted to ignore it altogether at first. But as it rang again, and was followed by a rapid tattoo of rapping, as of fists pounded against the door itself, I rose, laid aside my book, and stepped into the hall.

First switching on a porch-light, I opened the outer door, to reveal the figure of an old woman, somewhat stooping, her head covered by a shawl, which sloped wetly from her head to either shoulder, and was caught and held beneath her chin by one bony hand.

"Doctor," she began in a tone of almost frantic excitement. "Dr. Murray--come quick!"

Perhaps I may as well introduce myself here as anywhere else. I am Dr. George Murray, still, as at the time of which I write, in charge of the State Mental Hospital in a Western State. The institution was not then very large, and since taking my position at the head of its staff I had found myself with considerable time for my study along the lines of human psychology and the various powers and aberrations of the mind.

Also, I may as well confess, as a first step toward a better understanding of my part in what followed, that for years before coming to the asylum I had delved more or less deeply into such studies, seeking to learn what I might concerning both the normal and the abnormal manifestations of mental force.

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This is the first half/third/quarter of a serialized magazine story. The entire book can be found by clicking on the author's name and selecting the longer version of the same story.
That being said, the story was well-done and held my interest until the end. With considerable half-convincing occult mumbo-jumbo, a westerner learns the secrets of astral projection, neatly circumventing the old space travel problem. He eventually learns to relocate to the planet Palos orbiting Sirius.
The aliens are mirrors of humans, so much so that he falls in love. And that's where this book ends. Don't download this book, get the longer version.
(1918) Sci-fi (Astro Mind Projection/Travel)

R: ***

Plot bullets<

A man finds an ancient manuscript.
With information in the manuscript, he is able to project his mind to distant galaxies.
He recounts his travels to a friend.

Eleanor Chance - Heart-warming Page-Turner set in Renaissance Italy
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