Jason, Son of Jason

Jason, Son of Jason


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Jason, Son of Jason by J. U. Giesy





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Jason, Son of Jason


(1 Review)

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ll you come?"

My spirit staggered. It was most amazing, for now I knew that the speaker was Jason Croft.


I think the lips of my sleeping material being must have moved at last. Be that as it may, I know I answered, "Yes."

"Then--fix your mind on our home in the western mountains, visualize it, Murray, as I have described it to you. Will your conscious presence within it. I shall be waiting for you. Call up the scene and demand that our will be granted. Think of nothing else."

Save for the directions for reaching to him, the thing was as real as a telephone message, and the assurance that the husband of your patient would be waiting your arrival at his house. Consciously, then, I sought to follow Croft's directions.

I fastened by thought on his Aphurian home. I strove to exclude everything else from my mind. I brought up the picture of it as a thing at the end of a distant vista, down which I must pass to attain it, and--all at once that picture moved!


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First of all, this is not a sci-fi story - it is fantasy. Beyond that, the author has taken what could have been an interesting premise, and ruined it with archaic dialogue and boring writing. Though I tried to follow the story, I ended up skimming it quickly, finding nothing of interest anywhere along the way. A total waste of time.
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