No Charge for Alterations

No Charge for Alterations


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No Charge for Alterations by Horace Leonard Gold







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No Charge for Alterations


(1 Review)
Wanta know what's wrong with women these days? Spoiled! The whole kit and kaboodle of 'em. They want to sing in nightclubs and hook up with some millionaire and wear beautiful clothes. Housework is something for gadgets to take care of, with maids to run the gadgets. Afraid to get a few calluses on their dainty hands!

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. A family is an asset--if every member in it is willing to work."

"But a pretty girl like that can always get by."

"No Denebian can afford to marry a pretty girl. It's too risky. She can't work as hard as we do and still take care of her looks. And he'd worry about her constantly, which would cut into his efficiency. By having me make her a merely attractive girl in a wholesome, hearty way, Social Control guarantees more than just a marriage for her--it guarantees a contented married life."

"Sweating away on a farm," Dr. Hoyt said.

"Now that her anti-social strivings are gone, she'll realize that Deneb needs farmers instead of nightclub singers. She'll take pride in being a good worker, she'll raise as many children as she'll be capable of bearing, and she'll have a good husband and a prosperous farm. That wouldn't have satisfied her before. It will now. And she's better for it and so is Deneb."

Dr. Hoyt shook his head. "It's all upside down."

"You'll get used to it.

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Ignore the blurb at the top of the page, it's stupid. On colony worlds, such as Deneb, sometimes job openings exist where there is no one to fill them. Luckily, modern medical techniques exist to fit the man to the job.

A humorous story of doctors fitting people to be happy with their lives. Nice plotting, good characters, and an almost frightening ending. It makes me wonder what Phillip K. Dick would do with the story.

Worth spending 20 minutes or so to read.
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