The Old Martians

The Old Martians


(2 Reviews)
The Old Martians by Roger Phillips Graham





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The Old Martians


(2 Reviews)
They opened the ruins to tourists at a dollar a head but they reckoned without The OLD MARTIANS.

Book Excerpt

beside one of the markers. "This is it," he said softly. I blinked at the marker, then at Herb. It wasn't the one he had singled out in the afternoon. Was he mixed up?

If he wasn't he was a good actor. He took out one of the dinner knives and squatted down and started to probe the soil, loosening it so that it could be scraped out by hand.

I watched him dig. Part of the time I helped him. We found nothing. After a reasonable amount of this Herb stood up with a resigned sigh. "Guess I was wrong," he said.

"Poor Herby," Dotty said.

"Yeah, poor Herby," Herb said with every appearance of tiredness and defeat. "But--that's that. Sorry to have gotten you all excited about nothing, Joe. Guess it was too much to expect anything." He turned to Dotty. "As long as we're out here, let's take a walk by ourselves. Huh?"

That was as obvious a cue as I had ever been handed. Neat. I was confronted with the alternatives of scramming or calling him a liar.

"Guess I might as well go bac

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A mediocre story in which Martians are trying to control Mankind. It was somewhat interesting until the end, at which time the author let it slither into darkness.

I'm being very generous by giving it 3 stars. I didn't think it was quite bad enough to deserve 2.
An interesting take on reincarnation, possession, haunting, and an attack by Martians. It kept me guessing. The writing is good, with some depth of characterization.