Cube Root of Conquest

Cube Root of Conquest


(2 Reviews)
Cube Root of Conquest by Roger Phillips Graham







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Cube Root of Conquest


(2 Reviews)
What actual result is there in the act of conquest? What is its cube root?

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other, like the sun and our planet, Amba. The material of this slab is what I have named tri-matter. It consists of matter from all three universes of our time equation, blended into one solid. Before I was able to contact these other two universes it was necessary to use the machine, which took incredible power to operate for a few brief moments, and had to be so delicately controlled that the slightest vibration unbalanced its adjustment. Once the materials were gathered and blended so they could not separated, I had a permanent bridge into the other worlds. The machine and its incredible power were no longer needed.

"You must remember that the three universes occupy the same space, so that spatially they are not separated at all. Their separation was temporal, and at right angles to the path from the past into the future. The attracting forces of the atoms had to be directed across this plane of time by the machine. When that took place the materials had to be brought together so that the three sub

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A peculiar short story. The deer hunting/ruined city episode the story begins with doesn't really tie to the hated dictator out to rule the universe part of the story, and neither part is particularly explained by the roots of negative numbers ending.

Perhaps you can puzzle it out.
(1948) Sci-fi (Political Conquest / Time Travel) / Adventure

From 'Amazing Stories October' 1948.

R: ***

Plot bullets

Ancient ruins are found.
Things disappear into that mysterious square slab of land.
There is something on the other side, or is it another dimension?
Anything like a huge solid slab, should have just three dimensions.
But what about the dimension of time?