Adventures in Contentment

Adventures in Contentment


(2 Reviews)
Adventures in Contentment by David Grayson







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Adventures in Contentment


(2 Reviews)
The cheerful philosophizings of a young man who turns to nature and farm life to regain his health.

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MYSELF: I don't think I shall want them cut out.

HORACE: Humph.

After a pause:

HORACE: There's a lot of good body cord-wood in that oak on the knoll.

MYSELF: Cord-wood! Why, that oak is the treasure of the whole farm, I have never seen a finer one. I could not think of cutting it.

HORACE: It will bring you fifteen or twenty dollars cash in hand.

MYSELF: But I rather have the oak.

HORACE: Humph.

So our conversation continued for some time. I let Horace know that I preferred rail fences, even old ones, to a wire fence, and that I thought a farm should not be too large, else it might keep one away from his friends. And what, I asked, is corn compared with a friend? Oh, I grew really oratorical! I gave it as my opinion that there should be vines around the house (Waste of time, said Horace), and that no farmer should permit anyone to paint medicine advertisements on his barn (Brings you ten dollars a year, said Horace), and that I proposed to

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I delighted in how much he enjoyed his neighbors. Makes me think I need to enjoy my own neighbors more. I would like to be as observant as he is. A fun read.
The first of the David Grason 9 volume series. David purchases a farm. He establishes an ideal, if somewhat exaggerated, life of contentment. Future volumes, finds him in search of mild adventure and want of variation. Maybe contentment is not so permanent and steadfast a thing.

Would that life could be so perfect. Still very enjoyable reading.

Posted: 2010/11/18 10:11 pm CST
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