The Gray Madam

The Gray Madam


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The Gray Madam by Anna Katharine Green







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The Gray Madam


(1 Review)

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you as so much ready money and possibly more convenient.'

"And with just this hint, which I took as significant of his complete understanding of her position, he took her receipt and politely left the house.

"Once alone with me who am nobody, her joy had full vent. I have never seen any one so lost in delight as she was for a few minutes. To have this money thrust upon her just at a moment when actual want seemed staring her in the face was too much of a relief for her to conceal either the misery she had been under or the satisfaction she now enjoyed. Under the gush of her emotions her whole history came out, but as you have often heard the like I will not repeat it, especially as it was all contained in the cry with which a little later she thrust the bond toward me.

"'He must not see it! He must not! It would go like all the rest, and I would again be left without a cent. Take it and keep it, for I have no means of concealing it here. He is too suspicious.'

"But this was asking

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In this story Wilbur sees a woman dressed in a gray cloak leave his wife Lydia's room. They don't know the woman and had not let her in. So who is she? How did she get into the room? Why did she come? She can't have been a ghost, or can she? Wilbur wants to know and decides to solve this mystery.

This is a short mystery, with a good plot, wellwritten and fast paced, it is a nice read. Recommended, perfect for when you have to wait for a train or the like.
Odellia Firebird - An Engaging Fantasy With a Positive Worldview
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