The Mysterious Rider

The Mysterious Rider


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The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey







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The Mysterious Rider


(1 Review)
He came to the Belilounds ranch, no one knew from where; a man of middle age, gentle, kindly, but so terrible a gunfighter that they called him "Hell Bent" Wade. He played the part of fate in all their lives, and only when the inevitable tragedy came and the Mysterious Rider made the great sacrifice did they know - and out of that tragedy came the light of love.

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up in her like a strong tide. Some one to lean on, some one who loved her, some one to help her in this hour when fatality knocked at the door of her youth--how she needed that!

"It might be bad for me--to tell me, but tell me, anyhow," she said, finally, answering as some one older than she had been an hour ago--to something feminine that leaped up. She did not understand this impulse, but it was in her.

"No!" declared Moore, with dark red staining his face. He slapped the lasso against his saddle, and tied it with clumsy hands. He did not look at her. His tone expressed anger and amaze.

"Dad says I must marry Jack," she said, with a sudden return to her natural simplicity.

"I heard him tell that months ago," snapped Moore.

"You did! Was that--why?" she whispered.

"It was," he answered, ringingly.

"But that was no reason for you to be--be--to stay away from me," she declared, with rising spirit.

He laughed shortly.

"Wils, didn't you like me any more after dad said that?" she querie


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I do not normally read westerns, but remembered that Zane Grey was supposed to known for his western stories, so I picked up a few of his free kindle offerings. I was very pleasantly surprised with this book.

It started off by painting the scenery so well that I felt like the rider "Hell Bent" as he looked out from the top of the crest at the beautiful vista in front of him. I could vividly picture the life of the early cowboy & rancher.

I had expected the story to be a little predictable, but was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out and it made me look forward to reading more by this author.

I would highly recommend this book, especially if you like historical fiction.