The Lone Star Ranger

The Lone Star Ranger


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The Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey







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The Lone Star Ranger


(1 Review)
In Zane Grey's only Western told from the first person perspective, a U.S. Deputy Marshall helps legendary Texas Ranger Vaugn Steele to clean up the lawless town of Fairfield. Though the town's mayor is in cahoots with a band of outlaws, Steele falls in love with his daughter and the Marshall falls in love with his niece. An unusual psychological depth sets this tale apart from the majority of Westerns.

Book Excerpt

k of his uncle recalled the fact that he must now become a fugitive. An unreasonable anger took hold of him.

"The d--d fool!" he exclaimed, hotly. "Meeting Bain wasn't much, Uncle Jim. He dusted my boots, that's all. And for that I've got to go on the dodge."

"Son, you killed him--then?" asked the uncle, huskily.

"Yes. I stood over him--watched him die. I did as I would have been done by."

"I knew it. Long ago I saw it comin'. But now we can't stop to cry over spilt blood. You've got to leave town an' this part of the country."

"Mother!" exclaimed Duane.

"She's away from home. You can't wait. I'll break it to her--what she always feared."

Suddenly Duane sat down and covered his face with his hands.

"My God! Uncle, what have I done?" His broad shoulders shook.

"Listen, son, an' remember what I say," replied the elder man, earnestly. "Don't ever forget. You're not to blame. I'm glad to see you take it this way, because maybe you'll never grow hard a

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