Olga Romanoff

Olga Romanoff
or The Syren of the Skies


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Olga Romanoff by George Chetwynd Griffith





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Olga Romanoff
or The Syren of the Skies


(1 Review)
The efforts of a beautiful daughter of the House of Romanoff to restore the throne of her ancestors, destroyed in the World War of 1904, presents to the reader the spectacle of a world transformed into a wonderland of art and science, yet trembling on the brink of a catastrophe.

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The President of the Council was the direct descendant not only of Alan Tremayne, its first President, but also of Richard Arnold and Natasha; for their eldest son, born in the first year of the Peace, had married the only daughter of Tremayne, and their first-born son had been his father's father.

Although the average physique of civilised man had immensely improved under the new order of things, the Aerians, descendants of the pick of the nations of Europe, were as far superior to the rest of the assembly as the latter would have been to the men and women of the nineteenth century; but even amongst the members of the Council, the splendid stature and regal dignity of Alan Arnold, the President, stamped him as a born ruler of men, whose title rested upon something higher than election or inheritance.

At the last stroke of twelve, the President rose in his place, and, in the midst of an almost breathless silence, read the message of Natas to the great congregation. This done, he la

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(1894) Sci-fi (Future world) / Adventure (War) / Pulp / Romance

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Plot bullets

The Earth has been at peace for over 100 years.
That peace was not earned but brutally forced on the world populace by Murska, The Master of Terror.
Now the time has come, by design, to give back control, to the countries of the world. Some control, but not all. The rulers of Aeria will retain the secret of heavier than air flight and the dominance of the skies.
The Russian Romanoff's were the last of the old powers to be subjugated and the old humiliations are only festering, with no apparent way to revenge them.
Now one girl, the last of the Romanoff line, embarks on a mad quest for power and revenge.
Without the rule of the air, countries could only fight between themselves. The Aerians would still be masters. Olga will use all her womanly and mental powers to change that status.
Olga gains the secret of flight and a terrible war breaks out pitting a Russian and Muslin alliance against the rest of the world and the Aerians.
This devastation turns out to be less terrible than that which is to come from beyond the reaches of the Earth. Coming events will overshadow the best laid plans of the Aerians and, Olga Romanoff.