The Witch's Head

The Witch's Head


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The Witch's Head by H. Rider Haggard







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The Witch's Head


(1 Review)

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ting at a table writing. The man was old, of large size, very powerfully built, and dressed with extreme neatness in hunting costume--boots, breeches, spurs and all. Over his large head grew tufts of coarse grey hair, which hung down in dishevelled locks about his face, giving him a wild appearance, that was added to by a curious distortion of the mouth. His left arm, too, hung almost helpless by his side.

Mr. Cardus laughed as he followed his visitor's gaze. "A curious sort of clerk, eh?" he said. "Mad, dumb, and half-paralysed--not many lawyers could show such another."

Mr. de Talor glanced at the object of their observation uneasily.

"If he's so mad, how can he do clerk's work?" he asked.

"O, he's only mad in a way; he copies beautifully."

"He has quite lost his memory, I suppose?" said de Talor, with another uneasy glance.

"Yes," answered Mr. Cardus, with a smile, "he has. Perhaps it is as well. He remembers nothing now but his delusions."

Mr. de Talor look

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A fairly good book. I liked the plot; a new twist on the same old story of a love triangle. Only it was three women in love with the same man. I don't know what you call that...
Anyways, there were a few things I didn't like, starting with the witch's head. It had absolutely no place in the plot line It didn't fit in at all. It was almost as if the writer had thrown in some Gothic horrors for the sake of getting the book read. Secondly, there is a very abrupt second climax at the end that was not really thought out and was corny and pointless. It was basically a cheap drama effect. Thirdly, the book drops one of the main characters and we only hear from her on a few brief spots. It's too sudden. You go from hearing about her non-stop to not hearing from her at all.
Some of the things I did like was the freshness of the plot. Also, the characters were all realistic and true-to-life, which is something you sometimes don't see in a romance. Overall, I really liked it and am going to check out other books by the author.