A Collection of College Words and Customs

A Collection of College Words and Customs


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A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall







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A Collection of College Words and Customs


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The first edition of this publication was mostly compiled during the leisure hours of the last half-year of a Senior's collegiate life, and was presented anonymously to the public.

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ng poultry:--"November 4th, 1717. Three scholars were publicly admonished for thievery, and one degraded below five in his class, because he had been before publicly admonished for card-playing. They were ordered by the President into the middle of the Hall (while two others, concealers of the theft, were ordered to stand up in their places, and spoken to there). The crime they were charged with was first declared, and then laid open as against the law of God and the House, and they were admonished to consider the nature and tendency of it, with its aggravations; and all, with them, were warned to take heed and regulate themselves, so that they might not be in danger of so doing for the future; and those who consented to the theft were admonished to beware, lest God tear them in pieces, according to the text. They were then fined, and ordered to make restitution twofold for each theft."--Quincy's Hist. Harv. Univ., Vol. I. p. 443.

ADOPTED SON. Said of a student in reference to the college of w

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