The World with a Thousand Moons

The World with a Thousand Moons


(2 Reviews)
The World with a Thousand Moons by Edmond Hamilton





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The World with a Thousand Moons


(2 Reviews)
Grim death was the only romance to be found on this worldthat boasted a thousand moons

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"Be quiet, you idiot!" ordered Kenniston hastily. "Do you want the whole Patrol to hear you?"



The Sunsprite throbbed steadily through the vast, dangerous wilderness of the asteroidal zone. To the eye, the cruiser moved in a black void starred by creeping crumbs of light. In reality those bright, crawling specks were booming asteroids or whirling meteor-swarms rushing in complicated, unchartable orbits and constantly threatening destruction.

For three days now, the cruiser had cautiously groped deeper into this most perilous region of the System. Now a bright, tiny disk of white light was shining far ahead like a beckoning beacon. It was the asteroid Vesta--their goal.

Kenniston, leaning against the glassite deck-wall, somberly eyed the distant asteroid.

"We'll reach it by tomorrow," he thought. "Then what? I suppose John Dark will hold these rich youngsters for ransom."

Kenniston k

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This was written as an adventure entertainment, but is so dated it creaks. It doesn't even have the advantage of camp, as in The Great Dome of Murcury.

Two suspicious characters on Mars convince a group of spoiled rich kids to fly them and their equipment to an asteroid to recover--pirate treasure! The characters lied. The asteroid has an atmosphere and complete ecology, along with a thousand moons orbiting. Yes, there are space pirates, as well as the most convenient medical discovery in all of literature.
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