The Assistant Murderer

The Assistant Murderer


(9 Reviews)
The Assistant Murderer by Dashiell Hammett





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The Assistant Murderer


(9 Reviews)

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d its offices. As the morning aged and the shadows grew shorter and thicker, so, generally, did the individuals who composed this morning procession. Eight o'clock was frequently young and slender and brisk, Eight-thirty less so, Nine still less, and rear-guard Ten o'clock was preponderantly neither young nor slender, and more often sluggish than brisk.

Into this rear guard, though physically he belonged to no later period than eight-thirty, a blue roadster carried Hubert Landow. His broad shoulders were blue-coated, his blond hair gray-capped, and he was alone in the roadster. With a glance around to make sure Millar's dark young man was not in sight, Alec Rush turned his coupe in the blue car's wake.

They rode swiftly into the city, down into its financial centre, where Hubert Landow deserted his roadster before a Redwood Street stockbroker's office. The morning had become noon before Landow was in the street again, turning his roadster northward.

When shadowed and shadower came to rest


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Dashiel Hammet delivers. Just as Humphrey Bogard could convince in the adaptation of the Maltese Falcon, or the original novel itself once did. One note i add: Hammet was not afraid of strong female characters. Any side of the law in that.

The ugly detective, seriously reminding me of myself in a way, is solid reading, starts a classic detective-noir style, and offers what I know as layers of deception to readers. From the start we get the kind of info, which we may know from having lived that life on the edge of legal meets illegal.

The characters are men and women of their time, and their mannerisms and personalities may be more timeless than some readers expect it to be.

The final was not exactly thrilling (to me, subjectively), but it was a pure crime fiction detective story. The so-called shades of grey, plenty of presented facades not being exactly true.

Technically: I read the .epub version in my ereader (ReadEra on chromebook, Icecream Reader on notebooks). It is not exactly well-formatted, and the English language has great fluctuation of grammar rules, making some of the older books a bit OFF, as the new rules any kid learns are absent. Being myself a moron on comma placement and grammar I did not care, but this is not the language of elite-university. To me it does not matter, I think this is a solid reading.

Given that I know my comfort zone is occult-detective NOT any #crimefiction I voted a bit higher (4 stars), as I knew I read outside my preferred kinda reading.

Great story by a skillful writer. The ugliest private eye in Baltimore is hired by an anonymous man to find out who is following a "friend" of his. The detective doesn't like mysteries, so he sets about finding out everything about everyone involved. No one is who he or she pretends to be, and the case turns into a hairball. Then--

Hammett has a great touch describing faces and expressions. His plotting is relentless. Everyone is doomed to behave the way they really are underneath.
Good crime short story with an intricate plot and characters. Attention to detail is recommended for this one.
I'm a fool; I read all three Hammett short stories in a couple of days. Now what am I gonna do!!!

Thie plot is complicated but entertaining. (One of Hammett's suspects is a gambler from Iceland.) As usual, there's a neat surprise at the end. Take special note of how he sets the story, describing his detective.
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Great detective short, very fast paced, and entertaining.
Classic Hammett! Well written and a plot that cements the readers interest. An added bonus is that Hammett introudces us to P. I. Rush, who is ugly, mean, focused, and works for pay - Mr. Hammett has good mental health! Enjoy it.

Cecil R. Williams