Shallow Soil

Shallow Soil


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Shallow Soil  by Knut Hamsun





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Shallow Soil


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A brilliant study of Christiania at the close of last century, whose characters are the writers and professional people of the city's Bohemia.

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to political subjects. Of course, they could refuse to pass all financial bills, but--And perhaps there was not even a sufficient majority to defeat the government budget. It certainly looked dubious-- rotten--They cited quotations from leading parliamentarians, they proposed to put the torch to the Castle and proclaim the republic without delay. The Artist threatened a general revolt of the labouring classes. "Do you know what the Speaker told me in confidence? That he never, never would agree to a compromise--rather let the Union sink or swim! 'Sink or swim,' these were his very words. And when one knows the Speaker--"

Still Paulsberg did not say anything, and as the comrades were eager to hear his opinion, the Attorney finally ventured to address him:

"And you, Paulsberg, you don't say a word?"

Paulsberg very seldom spoke; he had kept to himself and to his studies and his literary tasks, and lacked the verbal facility of his comrades. He smiled good-naturedly and answered:

"'Let your c

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