Single: Miss Tennessee b/w The Cryerer

Single: Miss Tennessee b/w The Cryerer


(3 Reviews)
Single: Miss Tennessee b/w The Cryerer by Jim Hanas





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Single: Miss Tennessee b/w The Cryerer


(3 Reviews)
This eBook contains two short stories: Miss Tennessee which appeared in The Land-Grant College Review #2, and The Cryerer which appeared as One Story #8.

Book Excerpt

alling across her face, I looked at the fine lines of her long legs and hips, her appendix scar, her delicate neck, her thick upper arms and her thin wrists. I realized the little boys who wanted to marry her because of her smocks covered with balloons and clowns had the right idea, even if they didn't have all the information.

"Fuck you. Fuck you. You fucking fink. You fucker," she screamed.

When I went to get my things, school had already started. Miss Tennessee left a message and told me to come when she wasn't there, she would put my things in a box. I went one day after school. I was dressed in an Oxford and slacks, a disappointment after the shorts and t-shirts of summer, especially since it had yet to cool off.

I let myself in. Miss Tennessee had done as she'd promised. There was a cardboard box inside the door. I closed the door behind me and knelt down and opened the cardboard flaps. There were some paperback books, a few cds, two T-shirts, a pair of socks, a cheese grater, and a


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Miss Tennessee captures how much dogs are always telling us intimate truths about ourselves if only we would really listen. And if only that dog could speak our most secret, suspicious and angry thoughts because you can get away with their toxicity in the smallest of packages and that is exactly what this short story does – captivates and carries away your heart in its bittersweet conclusion.
Classic tunesmithing with hooks galore on the A side and more than a little dark, minor-key business -- nice time signature, Jim -- on the flip.

The small fantasias on the world that Jim Hanas employs in his stories does more than give the reader the veritable shock of recognition, they make you wish you lived in the world where they were true.
The Cryerer is a wonderful short story, both humorous and touching, about a man reknowned for his crying ability, who has easy access to Hollywood movie studios and hot needy brazilian women.

The Cryerer guards a deep dark secret! A secret that fuels his "pathetic" ability and keeps him living large as the "best" cryerer in the biz. No one knows what the Cryerer's secret is or how he got so good at what he does, but one thing's for certain, he can cry one hell of a river and on cue!

Is our hero just a wimp to be pummelled into manhood by the nearest meathead or an actor exploiting his own damaged and twisted soul for cinematic and financial gain? As Forest Gump might try to say..."I think maybe...maybe it's both."