The Riddle of the Night

The Riddle of the Night


(3 Reviews)
The Riddle of the Night by Thomas W. Hanshew





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The Riddle of the Night


(3 Reviews)
Being the record of a singular adventure of that remarkable detective genius, Hamilton Cleek, The Man of the Forty Faces, once known to the police as "The Vanishing Cracksman."A man mysteriously murdered at night, the figures 2x4 x 1x2 scrawled on his shirt front, a broken shoe-polish label beside him. Cleek solved it. Can you?

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of light a few feet into the depths of a crowding vapour, leaving all beyond and upon either side doubly dark in contrast.

Yet as the light streamed out and flung that circle into the impinging mist, there moved across it the figure of a woman, young and fair, with a scarf of lace thrown over her head, from beneath which fell a glory of unbound hair, thick and lustrous, over shoulders that were wrapped in ermine--ermine in mid-April!

A woman! Here! At this hour! In this time of violence and evil doing! The thing was so uncanny, so unnatural, so startlingly unexpected, that Lennard's head swam.

She was gone so soon--just glimmering across the circle of light and then vanishing into the mist as suddenly as she had appeared--that for a moment or two he lost his nerve and his wits, and ducked down under the screen of the motor's top, remembering all the tales he had ever heard of ghosts and apparitions, and, in a moment of folly, half believing he had looked upon one. But of a sudden his bett

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Disappointing mystery novel. Starts out OK but by the end it becomes a bloated, convoluted, and repetitious mess. This book could have been a decent short story with some heavy pruning and editing.
A man is chased under a railroad arch, from both sides.

The authorities meet in the middle, but the man they were chasing is nowhere to be found. It is later determined that a vicious murder has been committed by this man. How did the murderer disappear? Detective Cleek (he of the forty faces) will find out.

Several people look guilty, but Cleek in disguise is invited to the country mansion (as all good detectives are), where the case takes on a few more twists.
JC Gardner - Urban Dramedy Fused With Humor and Faith
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