A Pair of Blue Eyes

A Pair of Blue Eyes


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A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy





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A Pair of Blue Eyes


(1 Review)

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at I should do, papa.'

'Well, it would be awkward, certainly.'

'I should hardly think he would come to-day.'


'Because the wind blows so.'

'Wind! What ideas you have, Elfride! Who ever heard of wind stopping a man from doing his business? The idea of this toe of mine coming on so suddenly!...If he should come, you must send him up to me, I suppose, and then give him some food and put him to bed in some way. Dear me, what a nuisance all this is!'

'Must he have dinner?'

'Too heavy for a tired man at the end of a tedious journey.'

'Tea, then?'

'Not substantial enough.'

'High tea, then? There is cold fowl, rabbit-pie, some pasties, and things of that kind.'

'Yes, high tea.'

'Must I pour out his tea, papa?'

'Of course; you are the mistress of the house.'

'What! sit there all the time with a stranger, just as if I knew him, and not anybody to introduce us?'

'Nonsense, child, about introducing; you know bet

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A romantic intrigue involving one woman and a series of lovers set in the typical Thomas Hardy setting. This book is a great study of the English class structure. The young woman as well as her lovers are complex and flawed characters. The climactic ending is not a happy one but fitting. I enjoyed the experience. I would have given it a 5 except that some parts were not easy.
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