We're Friends, Now

We're Friends, Now


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We're Friends, Now by Henry Hasse







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We're Friends, Now


(2 Reviews)
The little man stood in front of themonstrous machine as the synapticdrone heightened to a scream. No ...no, he whispered. Don't youunderstand....

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ld be resolved into neo-Euclidian equations!"

"Why?" Arnold was suddenly irritable. "It's been done a thousand times before!"

"Of course," shrugged Beardsley. "And it's really up to ECAIAC, isn't it? A Prime can be negated, while on the other hand a variant can shift from possible to Logical to Prime. Or am I wrong? I've never been up on the mechanics."

Arnold grunted. "There's bound to be some correlatory shift! The Primes--how many did you say?"

"Three as of now."

Arnold rose abruptly, then strode to the alco-mech and dialled himself another drink. He took an uncommonly long time about it. "Look," he said, "we both know about these things! In a case like this there are bound to be political repercussions--" He hit Beardsley with a gauging glance. "Well," he blurted, "I have to admit I'm damn curious! Mind telling me who are the three Primes? Ah--strictly off the record, you understand."

Beardsley had expected something like this, and he was quite ready to answer; bu

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Engrossing, if convoluted, story. ECAIAC, the crime-solving computer, is fed the psychological, emotional, and physical telemetry of the victim and every suspect in a crime, usually murder, and eventually spits out the culprit. This murder is more important than any other--the victim was the computer's creator.

An interesting whodunit, with good characters all around. The computer's glitch won't surprise any geeks. Interestingly, it doesn't end with the unmasking of the criminal, but includes some of the trial.
Dan Grant - A Science/medical Thriller that Reveals a Radical Breakthrough
FEATURED AUTHOR - Dan loves intriguing tales that weave science, medicine, history, or technology into the fabric of the drama. The Singularity Witness follows that style and includes a creative backdrop. He's also a licensed professional engineer with masters’ in education and English with an emphasis in creative writing. His engineering endeavors have provided unique opportunities to work with a variety medical and technological applications, and get behind the scenes at military facilities. Those experiences… Read more