The Great Quest

The Great Quest


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The Great Quest by Charles Boardman Hawes







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The Great Quest


(1 Review)
A romance of 1826, wherein are recorded the experiences of Josiah Woods of Topham, and of those others with whom he sailed for Cuba and the Gulf of Guinea.

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ham, to which, after an absence of twenty years, Cornelius Gleazen had returned as a stranger, lay near the sea and yet not beside it, near the post road and yet not upon it. From the lower branches of an old pine that used to stand on the hill behind the tavern we could see a thread of salt water, which gleamed like silver in the sun; and, on the clearest days, if we climbed higher, we could sometimes catch a glimpse of tiny ships working up or down the coast.

In the other direction, if we faced about, we could see, far down a long, broad valley, between low hills, a bit of white road that ran for a mile or two between meadows and marshes; and on the road we sometimes saw moving black dots trailing tiny clouds of dust, which we knew were men and horses and coaches.

In Topham I was born, and there I spent my boyhood. I suppose that I was quieter than the average boy and more studious, for I was content to find adventures in the pages of books, and I read from cover to cover all the journals of t


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Entertaining story very similar to Treasure Island. I enjoyed it but its dated look at Black Slaves of Americas the the African Natives they came from was annoying. Lots of use of the n word. The first third is a little slow to get to the adventures of sea and natives in Africa. It is an exciting adventure tale there like King Solomon's Mines and other adventure stories of this era I have read. A little more respect for the natives would be much more correct than the way the author obviously looked down on them, even though they were protecting their heritage in this case a lot of diamonds in a Kings graveyard.
Overall I give it 3 stars because of its attitudes.
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