Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam

Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam
A popular essay on the life of the prophet of Islam.


(11 Reviews)
Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam by H. E. E. Hayes







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Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam
A popular essay on the life of the prophet of Islam.


(11 Reviews)

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employs them to crush or to benefit, to truth or to error, to honour or shame, to happiness or misery, quite independently of their individual fitness, deserts, or advantages, and simply because 'He wills it,' and 'as He wills it ...'

"One might at first sight think that this tremendous Autocrat, this uncontrolled and unsympathising Power, would be far above anything like passions, desires, or inclinations. Yet such is not the case, for He has, with respect to His creatures, one main feeling and source of action, namely, jealousy of them, lest they should perchance attribute to themselves something of what is His alone, and thus encroach on His all engrossing kingdom. Hence He is ever more prone to punish than to reward; to inflict pain than to bestow pleasure; to ruin than to build. It is His singular satisfaction to let created beings continually feel that they are nothing else than His slaves, His tools, and contemptible tools also;


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This ignorant author has at least any of these problems-

1.He wants to create a new crusade by spreading lies.
2.He is probably talking about any other "Mohammed" (spelling error, but still better than "Mahomet"). And he is probably talking about any other Islam which does not exist.
3.The writer dreamt a heavy dream.
4.He is a blind-radical.
Its said that God does not change history, Historians can!

This book is a classic example of half knowledge and twisting the tale,facts and environment to prove your point. If you are writing about a person, let your own opinion not float into your narration, if they do just dont call it history of biography. Call it "Our Explanation of Mohammed"

First know what Islam stands for, its tenents and its message. The go back and assert what kind of human being Mohammad was. This book lacks that. Its not that Muslim will feel insulted (they should not, but they are too uptight about it which is equally bad) but facts are totally shadowy and comes more from authors brain than annals of history or research and includes present day perception of Islam to those day Islam. This is the biggest fault of the book.
I read it, made me more curious about Mohammad that I am researching more books about him.
If you are looking for a reason to dislike Islam, this essay might be for you. It does show the problems with all the great movements of mankind, that no matter how noble they are; we the people who practice them, fail and corrupt them. Certainly a similar essay could be written of Christianity, communism and I am sure Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormoms, and all others I think. It is dated and I would not recommend it.
Scary stuff.

Religion ruins everything.

Perhaps better, in the 21st century, to stop worshiping deities and praying to the sky.

Love your neighbor, and be moral -- you don't need religion to do that.

For goodness sake, how can anyone take this stuff seriously anymore.

SECONDLY, what right does anyone have to tell me what to read? Take your religion, have fun hating everyone who isn't of your creed, and keep to yourself.
After reading all the rants from various fanatics trashing this book, I considered it a moral duty to at least download it. If they disliked it so much, it must have something going for it! Since it wasn't even 20 pages, though, I read it as well. This certainly could not be called a scholarly treatise (in such a length, how could it be?) It doesn't depart from the known facts as far as I could determine, and as far as its conclusions are concerned, my only objection is the apparent opinion on the author's part that other "prophets" were any better. Call him by whatever name you will, Yahweh the Wind God is the most evil creation of the human mind, and those who have contributed to saddling our civilization with such delusions have a lot to answer for, including, but not limited to, Mohammed!
I want to add the view of someone who is not religious and therefore can cast an unbiased view of this book. Having read parts of it, I can see how some may be offended. However, having said that, I don't think the internet should ever be censored and this book should remain downloadable for anybody who wants it. You may not agree with the book, but the world is full of people with differing opinions and we should respect that. If anything this book teaches us that - that we're all different and see things differently. Live with it. :)
Refutation of this book is must and it must be removed from the internet!

The writer of the book has ‘no’ knowledge about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam (may God have send many blessings on him and his family) who is the God's most beloved, the best of all mankind, the best of all prophets, the first prophet and the last prophet) and the true rich values of Islam.

The writer tries to disgrace Islam and attacks Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam in various ways but reaches no where with his stupid arguments and lack of knowledge.

Every person who has a reasonable mind should avoid reading this book and should remember the fact that 'fastest growing religion in the world is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam’s religion’.

I advise the interested readers who want to open their minds & hearts with the divine teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam should download Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam’s autobiography from this website link.

Many thanks.
I am sure that the writers had all prejudies against islam .
He writes whatever having any basic knowledge .
So I advice this book to people who have the intention to hate islam without any reason .
I am awfully sorry to read such abook
Writting this comment , i am sure that the writer has no idea about the values of Islam .
There is a false background that the writer has .He misjudges the Islam without even knowing its principles .He is not writting a piece of critical judgement but mockery