Plays of Henley and R.L. Stevenson

Plays of Henley and R.L. Stevenson


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Plays of Henley and R.L. Stevenson by William E. Henley



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Plays of Henley and R.L. Stevenson


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MARY. How I should like to have heard you! What did uncle say? Did he speak of the Town Council again? Did he tell Will what a wonderful Bailie he would make? O why did you come away?

LESLIE. I could not pretend to listen any longer. The election is months off yet; and if it were not - if it were tramping upstairs this moment - drums, flags, cockades, guineas, candidates, and all! - how should I care for it? What are Whig and Tory to me?

MARY. O fie on you! It is for every man to concern himself in the common weal. Mr. Leslie - Leslie of the Craig! - should know that much at least.

LESLIE. And be a politician like the Deacon? All in good time, but not now. I hearkened while I could, and when I could no more I slipped out and followed my heart. I hoped I should be welcome.

MARY. I suppose you mean to be unkind.

LESLIE. Tit for tat. Did you not ask me why I came away? And is it usual for a young lady to say 'Mr.' to the man she means to marry?

MARY. That is for the y

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