The Trimmed Lamp

The Trimmed Lamp
and Other Stories of the Four Million


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The Trimmed Lamp by O. Henry





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The Trimmed Lamp
and Other Stories of the Four Million


(1 Review)
Free from the too common trick of embellishing actuality with traditional cant, this author wins the intelligent reader through a sympathetic cynicism denoting experience and honesty, the whole expressing itself in most humorous form. Shopgirls and bartenders and pseudo-Bohemians and "that sad company of mariners known as Jersey commuters"--such types are hit off with immense cleverness.

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The Trimmed Lamp
A Madison Square Arabian Night
The Rubaiyat of a Scotch Highball
The Pendulum
Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen
The Assessor of Success
The Buyer from Cactus City
The Badge of Policeman O'Roon
Brickdust Row
The Making of a New Yorker
Vanity and Some Sables
The Social Triangle
The Purple Dress
The Foreign Policy of Company 99
The Lost Blend
A Harlem Tragedy
"The Guilty Party"--An East Side Tragedy
According to their Lights
A Midsummer Knight's Dream
The Last Leaf
The Count And The Wedding Guest
The Country of Elusion
The Ferry of Unfulfilment
The Tale of a Tainted Tenner
Elsie in New York

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