One Woman’s Life

One Woman’s Life


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One Woman’s Life by Robert Herrick





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One Woman’s Life


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"At sixteen, Milly Ridge knows what she wants of life, and knows that it is not available in the west side Chicago neighborhood where she lives. Planning her future carefully, she maneuvers her family into a fashionable area of the city where a wealthy marriage may be made with a minimum of effort. Despite well-laid plans and appropriate actions, Milly falls in love and marries a struggling young artist who has none of the material things she values so highly. New York and Paris offer the life Milly desires, and she finds a measure of contentment just being in the social whirl of those two cities, although her impoverished husband never attains the degree of wealth or stature that she wishes. A second marriage proves more advantageous. One Woman's Life ranks among Herrick's major works, typifying the social climber in a most unflattering way, but emphasizing certain basic truths which make the novel timeless."--Book Review Digest, 1913

Book Excerpt

"I think your father may have something to say about this, Mildred!"

"He'll be all right if you don't stir him up," the girl replied with assurance. She walked across the room to her grandmother. "See here, grandma, I'm 'most seventeen now and big for my age--"

"Please-say 'large,' Mildred."

"Large then--'most a woman. And this is my father's home--and mine--until he gets married again, which of course he won't do as long as I am here to look after him.... And, grandma, I mean to be the head of this house."

The old lady drooped.

"Very well, my dear, I see only too plainly the results of your poor mother's--"

"Grandma!" the girl flashed warningly.

"If I'm not wanted here--"

"You're not--now! The best thing for you to do is to go straight back to the boarding-house and read your Christian Vindicator until I'm ready for you to move in."

"At the rate you are going it will be some days before your father can have the use of his

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